Our products

  • One-way PET kegs
    One-way PET kegs
    20l, 30l and 35l
  • One-way PET kegs
    Fitting types
    PET kegs are equipped with "A" type and "G" type locking
  • Excellent product protection
    Our PET kegs pressurized by Nitrogen up to 1 bar
  • Excellent product protection
    Effective barrier
    Effective barrier additives prevent oxygen from entering the contents
  • Excellent product protection
    Excellent product protection
    PET kegs keep fresh your product for up to expiry date set by you
    PET kegs can be filled within 6 months from delivery to you
  • Excellent product protection
    Logistics for full PET kegs
    You can put at least 2 rows on a EUR-pallet
    • 480 liters beer in 24 pieces 20L PET kegs per pallet
    • 720 liters beer in 24 pieces 30L PET kegs per pallet
    • 840 liters beer in 24 pieces 35L PET kegs per pallet
  • NEW
    You can use the locking fitting again


You can purchase cardboard box for each PET keg
Plastic handle for PET keg when you do not use cardboard box
Steel handle for PET kegs help to carry kegs on your premises


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Logistic benefits

Savings on transport can run to 50%

Weight not more than 520 grams

One truck 86м3 carry on:

  • 2 200 empty pieces PET kegs 20 L
  • 1 408 empty pieces PET kegs 30 L
  • 1 280 empty pieces PET kegs 35 L

PET kegs should be transported in vertical position on
EUR-pallets (1200 x 800 mm, 1200 х 900, 1200 х 1000) (4-4-4)